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Our Mission:

To boost fitness of BODY, MIND, and COMMUNITY through ping pong – the #2 sport in the world. There are many barriers to health at our schools, offices, homes, and public places: Lack of play space, addictive devices, video games, binge TV, boring workout regimens, and sedentary workplaces to name a few. We’re here to smash those barriers with a fun activity for all ages and skill levels. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit company, we love to collaborate with other organizations to help improve lives.

3 Benefits:

1. Body

Obesity, heart disease, and sedentary workplaces are taking their toll on society. But we’re battling them all with ping pong. It’s the fastest sport in the world, paddle to paddle. And it can be enjoyed at all skill levels, ages, genders, classes, creeds, religions, by vegans and omnivores. 

2. mind

Ping pong has been called "chess at 90 MPH" because it requires rapid neural activity as you calculate ball speed, spin, and trajectory. It keeps your mind sharp and focused.

3. community

Human beings are a diverse lot, who sometimes struggle to get along. Ping pong is a naturally social sport, with the unique power to bond neighborhoods, co-workers, schoolmates, and entire communities.


Chess at 90 MPH

Table tennis involves "enhanced motor functions, enhanced strategy functions and enhanced long-term memory functions"

~ Dr. Wendy Suzuki, professor of neuroscience and psychology at New York University


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3 Focus Areas:

1. Schools

Frustrated by outdated or nonexistent sports equipment for PE? We aim to provide free or discounted equipment and instruction to underserved schools and school districts to help introduce the joy of pong to a new generation of minds and bodies. A daily or weekly dose of ping pong is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to fighting obesity, diabetes, and video game addiction.  

2. Workplaces

Tired of being physically and mentally tired at work? Or trying to provide a more stimulating atmosphere for employees? Too many sedentary workplaces, with workers seated 8+ hours per day, lead to chronic health problems. A ping pong table in a separate room can provide a quick, healthy break for stressed out brains and bodies in the middle of a work day. A short physical break can actually boost productivity, through enhanced blood flow and increased metabolism, not to mention team building and stress release!

3. Senior Centers

Enjoying the golden years isn't all about checkers and watching cop dramas on TV. The elderly commonly feel isolated from friends and family. Many seniors can benefit from low impact (and some from high impact!) exercise that ping pong can provide. It's also a non-intimidating, social sport that provides a fun gathering spot. Especially as many elders fondly remember playing table tennis in their youth. And if that weren't enough, studies from Japan suggest that table tennis helps ward off dementia by stimulating neural activity when playing!

Interested in getting table tennis going in your area? Contact us!



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